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Mid frequency heater 

To improve the quality of welding, to prevent the pipe material lattice coarsening caused by delayed cracking the temperature of the base metal needs to be strictly controlled before welding. Our resistance heaters are designed to satisfy the pipe welding process needs. The heater using electromagnetic induction heating technology, with heating speed, high thermal efficiency, good controllability.

Technical features:

  • High quality components, advanced control mode, smooth running, high efficiency and small siz
  • Modular design, single key switch control, convenient maintenance and use
  • Focus on safety design, self-protection and reliable, to ensure the safe operation of equipment; strengthen the safety of workers.


Output power, kW 80
Input voltage, V AC 380
Input frequency, Hz 50
Input voltage allowable fluctuate range, % +20 ~ +30
Input frequency allowable fluctuate range, %


Overload capacity 1.2 times rated, 1 min
Heating efficiency, % 95
Power factor 0.85
Output power adjustable range, % 0 ~ 100
Output voltage, V 600 ~ 1200
Output frequency, Hz 8000
Output frequency track Automatic
Close loop control precision, % 1
Protective grade IP23
Cool type Forced aircool
Working temperature, ºC -20 ~ +65
Ambient humidity, %

≤95, no dew

Altitude, m

≤1500, decrease rated power if over this height

Temperature test elements 2 points infrared ray
Overall dimensions (L*W*H), mm 700*560*820
Overall weight, kg 20