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Multifunctional amphibian pipe carrier

Often pipelaying works are carried out in places with high soil moisture (swamps, tidal zone), which makes it difficult to deliver equipment and materials to the place of work. This reduces the efficiency and safety of pipelaying works. For these adverse work conditions, our company constructed a multifunctional amphibian pipeline carrier. The minimum ground specific pressure, a powerful pulling force and high stability of this pipe carrier help deliver, assemble and weld pipes efficiently and safely.

Power system

Diesel engine VOLVO TAD492VE

Power: 250 kW / 340 hp at 2100 rpm

Curb weight 38 t
Max. pulling force 500 kN
Max. lifting capacity 30 t
Max. travel speed 3 km/h
Max. gradeability 20°
Max. lifting torque 600 kNm (if boom is fully extended (7.5 m) lifting capacity is 8 t)
Hydraulic system

Main pump: Rexroth (Germany)

Reduction box: DANA Brevini

Hydromotor: Rexroth

Auxiliary winch gear: Huade, Eaton

Hose fittings: PARK, Eaton

Ground specific pressure

Unladen vehicle: 0,0288 MP

Full load vehicle: 0,0417 MP

Auxiliary winch Max. pulling force of the first layer F=200 KN
Overall dimensions (working mode)  10100*4955*3600 mm
Overall dimensions (driving mode)  10100*3370*3600 mm

Main components construction and technical characteristics

Operating system​

Traveling device use hydraulic pilot control.

Crane system is controlled by two joysticks located to the right and left of the operator's seat.

Right joystick

Forward - lowering the hook

Backward - lifting the hook

Right - turn the crane to the right

Left - turn the crane to the left

Left joystick

Forward – boom extension

Backward – boom retracting

Right – lifting the boom

Left -  lowering the boom

The pipe gripper is controlled from the control panel

The controller is responsible for the appropriate adjustment of the engine speed depending on the load.


Main pump Rexroth (Germany)

Track chassis

Retractable, in working mode chassis is extended, in transport mode chassis is retracted. Minimum ground clearance is 900 mm.

Left and right floating box

Use welding structure to reduce weight under the condition of guaranteeing strength.  Each floating box is divided into 5 separate waterproof compartments, which makes machine to be afloat, even if one of the compartments is flooded.

Drive chain

Heavy duty single pitch drive chain (pitch 152,4 mm)

Drive shaft

The drive shaft has three drive sprockets for simultaneous driving of three track chains. The drive sprockets are removable.

Running gear

The front and rear drive sprockets rotate simultaneously. This ensures sufficient driving force and protects the chain from slipping.


Pipegrippers open completely. The contact points of the gripper with the pipe are covered with rubber pads, which prevents slipping of the pipes and keeps the corrosion protection of the pipes from damage.

In the fully closed position the grippers are self-locking. The cylinder rod is not subjected to the reverse force of the pressing arm to prevent the pipe from moving and falling due to the walking vibration and other reasons.

Crane unit

Max. lifting torque moment is 600 KNM. The boom has three-section construction with wire rope.

When the crane arm is fully extended and the angle is 34.5 degrees, the crane arm can lift up to 8 tons of weight. Under these conditions, lifting torque moment is 600 KNM (if boom is fully extended (7.5 m) lifting capacity is 8 t).

Auxiliary winch

Single-rope, maximum pulling force is 20 t, maximum length of the cable is 200 m. Main functions: 1) self rescue 2) towing equipment and engineering materials.

Based on the customer requirements the multifunctional amphibious pipeline carrier can be equipped with the following functions:

  1. The crane unit can be equipped with an electrohydraulic control system. Electrohydraulic control system allows to add remote control function
  2. 6-ton excavator unit can be placed in front of cabin to assist in walking, to increase driving force and clean up obstacles in driving
  3. Can be equipped with power generation / welding machine to increase the welding function.
  4. Can be equipped with pipe grippers for up to 1422 mm diameter pipes
  5. It is possible to add side fooling box to increase flotation


Standard configuration includes 2 pipe gripper and crane unit.

Auxiliary winch, excavator unit, diesel generator, welding equipment can be set up optionally.