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Crawled welding machine TWM-170

Cummins engine power

Welders are equipped with Donfeng CUMMINS 6BTA5.9-C180 (180 hp) engines, serviced by an international warranty Cummins program (2 year warranty or 2000 motorhours). Since TRYBERG welders use single power supply element for generation and movement, It reduces the range of consumables and production cost for maintenance up to twice comparing wirh twin-engines units. Environmental class TIER-II guarantees unpretentiousness to fuel quality. Fuel consumption of 206 g*kW/h makes engine much more cost effective. CUMMINS engines have a long service life (up to 30000 motorhours before the first overhaul).

Hiab/unic cranes

Welders TRYBERG are equipped with extendable telescopic boom with rope suspension hook cranes:
HIAB ST083-032 (Finland-China)
• maximum load capacity of 3200 kg.,
• maximum outreach of 7.8 m,
• maximum height of 10.4 m, or
• maximum load capacity of 3200 kg.,
• maximum outreach of 5.6 m,
• maximum height of 6.1 m
Crane installation is used for lifting and moving equipment (welding tents, centralizers, edger, heaters ends of pipes and other equipment).

HIAB ST083-032 is adapted to operate at low temperatures (down to -40 degrees Celsius), easy to work with hard welding tents, large mass. HIAB crane boom installation consists of three sections, with telescoping. Rope suspension hook allows you to quickly set lifting heights from welding tents, without luffing. Superstructure HIAB, allows the use of self-propelled welder for handling operations, small diameter piping without the use of pipe-laying laying new polyethylene pipes in the field.

80 0.42 3200 0.81 3200 1.19 2500
70 1.03 3200 1.78 3200 2.59 2311
60 1.60 3200 2.70 2403 3.80 1713
50 2.11 3200 3.52 1990 4.94 1413
40 2.55 2967 4.24 1740 5.92 1323
30 2.91 2688 4.82 1567 6.72 1107
20 3.18 2471 5.25 1432 7.31 1009
10 3.34 2272 5.51 1309 7.67 920
0 3.40 2059 5.60 1177 7.80 823

More advantages


TRYBERG Welders are equipped with comfortable driver cabin with heater and air conditioner inside. The windshield of thecabin can be opened. Driver seat is vibration absorbing. Cabin could also be equipped with a standalone cabin heater.


TRYBERG Welders are equipped with STAMFORD generator (100 kW, 201 A AC), production of Cummins Generator Technologies. The generator is used for AC power to four welding stations (eg inverters DC-400 LINCOLN ELECTRIC USA or analogs), and other electrical equipment 380 and 220 V.


Waterproof electric cabinet equipped with a digital indication of the current parameters, ventilation, equipped with external sockets 380V/10kW - 2pcs. 220V/2.2kW - 2 pcs. Electric cabinet
equipped with circuit breakers DELIXI series DZ47 63A for overload protection and short-circuit current (400 V AC, 4500A breaking capacity)


TRYBERG Welders have an open loop hydraulic drive system. The main pump and stroke motors carries moving of the welder (similar to excavators). Welders have joystick movement and turning control.


Layout compartment TWM-180 can accommodate up to four types of welding inverters Lincoln Electric Idealarc DC-400 or similar (in conjunction with a mobile feeder selfshielding wire type LN-23P, intended for semiautomatic welding wires with self-protective construction of main pipelines).


Fittings for welding inverters equipped vibration-absorbing dampers.


1. Air compressor (1.2 MPa, 800 l / min.) To supply centralizers pneumatic or pneumatic equipment.
2. Engine preheater Hidronic10 d A sure-tion to start the engine at ambient temperatures below -15 ° C.
3. Ramp for mounting 4 gas cylinders (set the rear part of the unit and is intended for transporting gas cylinders).
4. Oven drying electrodes.

Technical parameters

Engine  Donfeng Cummins 6BTA5.9-C180
Engine power  132 kW/2200 rpm
Fuel consumption  206 g./KWh
Generator  STAMFORD UC.I274E24
Generator power  100 kW
Amperage  201 A
Frequency  50 Hz
External outlets  2 x 380V/10kW

Working Parameters 
Number of welding stations 4
Dimensions  6050х2470х3050 mm
Loaded weight  11500 kg
Unloaded weight  9720 kg
Length of supporting area 2755 mm
Track  1870 mm
Track shoe width  600 mm
Ground pressure  34.1 kPa
Ground clearance  570 mm
Max. slope angle  25
Fording depth  1100 mm
Transmission  Hydraulic
Travelling speed  0-4,6 km/h