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Wheeled welding machine

Wheel pay welders are based on fast and maneuverable YTO wheeled tractor chassis. This model of wheeled tractor chassis can be used in the general condition areas, marsh, desert, loose soil and other harsh environments, complex terrain in the field of large-scale construction operations.
The power of the generator is led out by the rear axle power output shaft of the tractor, power transmission can be controlled through the clutch to reduce power loss and unnecessary wear.  The wheel pay welder equipped with generator and welding unit installation spot to facilitate the installation of welders. Rain-proof electric control cabinet has multiple sets of external output interface for the convenience of other construction machinery power supply. 

Technical features:

  • X804 four-wheel chassis
  • 10 front counterweights to balance the rear platform and equipped with some equipment weight
  • Front and rear with enhanced traction hook
  • Generator drive belt protective cover
  • After modification approach and departure angle can be not less than 35°, maximum gradeability is 35°
  • Can be equipped with two Lincoln DC400 welders
  • Waterproof electrical parts
  • Equipped with lifting hook
  • After strengthening the top of the cabin can hold the weight of a man. Cover panels have handrail and ladder