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Crawled welding machine TWM-180LGP

Modern construction, developed in the early 21st century to mechanize welding Paywelder TWM-180 designed for supply welding inverters to work in the sphere of pipeline construction on rough terrain at altitudes of up to 3000 meters.

This construction is a universal module based on tracked chassis, equipped with:
- A single power unit for movement and electric current generation - Cummins brand engine;
- Hydraulic crane unit (HIAB, Sweden) with high lifting moment to work with heavy welding tents;
- STAMFORD Generator unit for supplying power to 4 welders for manual or semi-automatic welding by self-shielded welding wire like a Lincoln Electric or analogues, for example Idealarc DC-400 combined with a feeding mechanism of self-shielded welding wire LN- 23P.
Tryberg welding tractors are also designed for carry a various equipment, such as welding tents, рамs, induction heaters, etc.

"TRYBERG"a paywelder machine for placement and supply power up to 4 welders. Two main types: TWM-180 and TWM-180LGP (low ground pressure – for swamp terrains).
TRYBERG paywelders are designed to operate in altitudes of up to 3,000 m, ranging in environment temperatures from -40 to +40 °С (-40 - 104°F).
Paywelders TRYBERG TWM-180LGP have dimensions, which allow transport on public roads without restriction (machine wide is 2470mm).

For exploitation in swamp terrain on low-carrying soils we have developed self-propelled welding units TWM-180LGP (up to 4 welding invertors).
The (LGP) swamp terrain type paywelder unit’s undercarriage equipped with 800mm triangular swamp track shoe, have low ground pressure and high grip.

Paywelders TWM-180 and TWM-180LGP are equipped with a CUMMINS engine 6BTA5.9-C180, 180 hp, Licensed by Cummins (USA), served under the Cummins Worldwide Guarantee Program.
Use in the Tryberg Paywelder machine single power plant for current generation and movement in the TRYBERG paywelder machine reduces the range of consumables compared to twin-engine units and halves production costs for technical Service.
The engine is unpretentious to the fuel quality, very economy (fuel consumption 206gr*kw/h), which is 22% more economy than other engine manufacturers and has a high resource - at least 20,000 working hours before the first overhaul.
Additionally engine can be equipped with an autonomous Eberspacher pre-heater to easy engine start up at temperatures up to - 40 °С.

TRYBERG paywelder machines are equipped with a sealed comfortable cabin with air heater and fan. The air conditioner can be installed optionally.
The cab windshield can be fully opened by sliding up, inside the cabin, and can be used as an emergency hatch for leaving the cabin in case of emergency.
The operator's workplace is equipped with a comfortable anti-vibration seat.
To work in low temperature conditions, the cabin optionally can be equipped with an autonomous cabin air heater.

TRYBERG TWM-180LGP paywelder machines are equipped with an STAMFORD UC alternator (Cummins Generator Technologies, Great Britain) designed for supply up to 4 welding inverters (for example DC-400 LINCOLN ELECTRIC, USA or their analogues), as well as other electric equipment 380V and 220V
The electrical cabinet is equipped with DELIXI automatic switches DZ47 63A series circuit breakers to protect against overloads and short circuit currents (400 V AC, 4500 A breaking capacity).

Compliance IEC/EN 60947

Equipment complies with standards:
GB/T 2820-2007 «Reciprocating internal combustion engine driven AC generator set»
Q/GRD 002-2017 «Self-propelled welding work station»
JB/T 5945-2001 «Assemble general technical specifications of construction machineries»
JB/T 4198.1-2001 «Construction machinery diesel engine technical conditions»

Self-propelled weldeing  station TRYBERG are equipped with extendable telescopic boom with wire rope suspension cranes:

HIAB ST093-040 (Sweden)
Maximum lift capacity 4000 kg
Maximum working radius 7.8 m
Maximum lifting height 10.5 m
UNIC URV342 (Japan)
Maximum lift capacity 3200 kg
Maximum working radius 5.6 m
Maximum lifting height 6.1 m

Crane i is used for lifting and suspending various equipment (welding tents, INTERNAL LINE-UP CLAMPS, belevers, Pipe Joint Heater and other equipment.

Compartment layout of TWM-180LGP allow to install up to four welding inverters types of Lincoln Electric Idealarc DC-400 or similar in conjunction with a mobile feeder selfshielding wire type LN-23P, intended for semiautomatic welding by self-protective wires during construction of trunk pipelines.

Note: welding posts are not included in the delivery; they are installed at the request of the customer.

Equipment installed on additional request:

- Air compressor (1.6 MPA, 800 l/min.) for air supply of pneumatic INTERNAL LINE-UP CLAMPS or other pneumatic equipment.

- Hydronic 10 engine pre-heater for easy engine start at environment temperatures below -15ºС.

- Hydraulic gas bottle holder  for 4-8 gas bottles (installed in the back of the paywelder and designed for transporting gas bottles).

- The electrode drying stove.

- Self-propelled welding stations TWM-180LGP provide stable current parameters during welding by 4 welders at the same time.

- TRYBERG TWM-180LGP paywelder machines have proven their worth in winter operating conditions in the northern regions of the Russian Federation such as the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, as well as in the Tyumen and Leningrad Regions and in the Republic of Bashkortostan.

Key benefits

- High performance – Paywelder machine TRYBERG TWM-180LGP is designed to use up to 4 welding inverters at the same time (such as Lincoln Electric DC-400, Invertec V-350pro, Invertec STT II or analogues), not prone to overheating and don't require to break in work process;

- The Cummins engine 6BTA5.9-C180, emission standart Euro-2, allows to use low class fuels.

- Crane with high lifting moment and large working radius, to work with heavy welding tents is designed for use on temperatures from - 40°С to +40°С;

- Components of well-known world manufacturers (CUMMINS, STAMFORD, HIAB, UNIC, DELIXI, DOOSAN, etc.) guarantee high reliability;

- Simple and intuitive operate

Technical parameters

Max. welders quantity pcs.


Ground contact length, mm


Tread, mm


track shoe’s width, mm


Ground pressure, kPa


Ground clearance, mm


Max. traction force, KN


Max. Gradeability, °


Fording Depth, mm


Movement speed, km/h

1 gear 0~2.9; 2 gear 0~4.6


hydraulic, hydraulic motor

Engine (model)

Cummins 6BTA5.9-C180

Engine power, kW/ r.min


Fuel consumption, g/kWh


Generator (model)


Base rating power, kW


Current, A


Frequency, Hz


Number of external outlets, pcs

380V/10kW – 2pcs.,

220V/2.2kW –2pcs.

Dimensions (L,W,H) mm


Weight empty/complete, kg

9750 / 11500

Crane Boom HIAB ST 093-040, Sweden (standard)

Max lifting capacity, t


Max. working radius, mm


Max. lifting height, mm


Range of the boom lifting angle


Slewing angle


Crane Boom FURUKAWA UNIC URV342 (Optional)

Max lifting Capacity, t


Max. working radius, mm


Max. lifting height, mm


Range of the boom lifting angle


Slewing angle


Additional equipment (optional)

Air compressor


Working pressure, mPa


Performance, l/min.


Hydraulic gas bottle holder , capacity of the piece.


Engine pre-heater, model

Eberspacher Hydronic 10 (Germany)